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How long should you wait to eat after taking insulin? 15 minutes
Does Medicaid cover insulin pumps? Government insurances such as Medicare and Medicaid may cover insulin pumps depending on the state and other requirements. A patient's out-of-pocket cost under government insurance varies depending on the policy. When you start the process of getting an insulin pump, you do not have to worry about the paperwork.
Can I buy insulin from Canada online? True or false: It's illegal for U.S. residents to order and receive prescription medication from pharmacies in Canada. So even if the factory makes the same insulin for both the Canadian market and the U.S., Canada cannot legally turn around and export the insulin to the U.S.
Is taking insulin safe? A: Theoretically yes, if you take lots and lots of insulin. But in reality, the kind of severe hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) that would cause someone to go into a coma is extremely rare in people with type 2 diabetes. A: Some diabetes medications aren't great to use long-term, while insulin is extremely safe.
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